Business and social selling

I started my career in sales in 2002 with nothing more than the yellow pages. The focus areas for the more than 100K phone calls and thousands of meetings were always about: productivity, change management, teamwork and positioning the right software solution. I had the possibility to co-own a company, to found a company, to invest in a company, but it was always the salesperson in me that enjoyed the most. For me, sales is a way of life. It’s about inspiring, motivating and helping people on ‘the other side of the table’ to achieve their goals first.

The main topics I will cover in this blog are social selling, sales management, marketing, CRM, referral marketing, referral selling, Start-ups, books, travel, productivity, storytelling, drive, team play and great tools.


I am married to my wife, Idit, since 2007 and have two beautiful sons,  Yonathan and Roy. We live near Tel-Aviv, and I commute around 250.000 kilometres per year to help my network. My interests include reading, sports, business and enjoying the ‘small and simple things in life’.

I believe all good things start from the inside-out; Shkuri. That’s the root of my sales life and network.