Are you dreaming of a million dollar…

Is the ultimate goal in sales or entrepreneurship about getting rich?

Or is it something else? Where do you want to be in life after achieving all those interesting challenges in business life?

Those questions I ask myself frequently – as everybody else does, I assume. It’s not easy to find the right answer. There are many ways to have a successful life. 

I don’t have the perfect answer, but I know one thing: I don’t want to be ‘Mister Rich’. I think we all know him or regret forever — if we become like him.

Here are my thoughts in the form of a metaphor about value and values:

Giving it away

Mr. Rich donates 1 million for a good cause. His family is proud, but his children feel betrayed.

They scream in silence: “this ‘charity’ is about Dad again and not about us. Dad, you made that 1 MIO in the time we grew up, and now you are giving it away! We learned to ride a bike, were playing with Lego and we were dating our first girlfriends; where were you? Maybe you don’t know, but what you did is just bizarre.”

The real value of 1 million

You never needed that million – you gave it away remember? You gave away our invaluable time, not a million.

But now we are grown-ups, so just money is fine. we don’t value your time anymore.

To be in sales is great, but if you sell your values, you are poor forever. Know who you are, what your personal mission is and find the right balance. (If you stay loyal to your values and you will also become a millionaire…only then you can be rich forever.)

Make sure that million is worth something.