I was thinking of buying a domain name that has something to do with sales tips. But to buy a good domain name nowadays is more expensive than renting 100 m2 on A-location in the center of Amsterdam, Tel-Aviv, San Francisco or any other Metropole. But with the right explanation: no, maybe or maybe not.

My purpose was to share sales tips with salespeople – how original. I Didn’t think of any sales tips yet, but that wasn’t my first concern. The site was and is for sale. And that’s what I call a real problem because it’s a broker selling it. Out of curiosity I click, scroll and click some more on their website.

A million dollar domain

But before I know it I am intrigued by their website. I know a domain has value. Everybody knows that nowadays, but to pay thousands, a hundred thousand or millions? Is that responsible? (C’mon for a domain name!)

5 minutes later I was like, uh, maybe a good domain name is good for the money. This broker is explaining with attitude and ‘chutzpah’ why it’s worth the money to buy a million dollar domain.

Selling the value

“Let us share an example in the real world. Suppose you have 15 locations at urban malls. The cost per kiosk is probably about EUR 2,000 per month. That’s a kiosk; it is not a storefront! With each site costing rent (….) That is just the rent! That does not include any other expenses that go with it. Online, you just need one great idea and one great location, and you will serve the world.”

Their sales pitch is pretty convincing and makes sense. Honestly!
They are focusing 100% on the value of a great domain name. They use scarcity to make it even more compelling, but they are right..there is one domain name, and they need only one buyer.

As the domain name isn’t that valuable for me, I am not going to buy. And that’s ok. I am not the right customer. But there is something I got for free.

Before I visited this website, I had no domain and no content. After my visit, I got a great reminder of what is more valuable than what you sell. It’s called values.

Be Proud
Always believe in who you are, in what you are selling and be proud of what you do.

P.s If you don’t have a tangible product to sell it is much harder to distinguish yourself – start with video prospecting if you are the product.