easyJet Plus and their loyalty program..

I am preparing my next visit to The Netherlands while sitting at my desk.  Click, click..great. Ticket booked for EUR 275,-.

Wait a minute. I already have a ticket for this date via Easyjet – That’s me sometimes. Anyhow..

I Called to EasyJet and got a friendly lady on the line and explained here that I had made a double booking. After I was put on hold for a couple of minutes, the conversation continued as follows:

“We can cancel the duplicate booking,” she says. “Great,” is my response. And then she says,”We will refund the first ticket..anything else?”

Awkward conversation

“Come again, please. I paid EUR 175,- more for the second ticket and you will refund the first ticket? That doesn’t make any sense!”

So she replies, “I understand sir, but that’s the procedure, but you can file a claim via our website. Unfortunately, I can’t do it for you, sir.”

“Hold on, hold on, then please don’t cancel. I will book another flight to The Netherlands for another date. It will cost me EUR 63,- and that’s cheaper than to cancel.

“Sir, If you told me that you wanted to cancel then it’s only EUR 30,-” And then she says,

“You didn’t ask the right question sir”

Stay calm, stay calm..

The moment she said it, she knew that was far from elegant. She put me on hold again and said: “we canceled the booking for free sir.” Ok, thank you.

It can happen

So how did I felt? To my surprise, not too bad. My easyJet Plus membership, until now, helped me quite well.

It wasn’t the first time I was too quick with my booking, and they refunded before. Yes, it wasn’t her best call, but you know what. It’s giving and receive.

I made a stupid mistake; she wasn’t at her best. It can happen..be fair and square.

Loyalty program 

“I am part of their loyalty program, but also the other way around”

They need me as much as I need them. Loyalty is a two-way street (so lower your voice please).

And to abuse social media just to increase the pressure, not my style.

Having said that, I probably will make another mistake in the next coming months.

But then, it’s on easyJet to show their loyalty.

Cu soon.