This post is updated on the 23rd of July 2021.

Why do you run the Net Promoter Score (NPS)?


You will know who your brand ambassadors are. And that’s all you need. NPS is an effective way to predict the brand ambassadors among your clients. And your sales will have the perfect lead for follow-up.

How does it work? You only have to ask the following: “How likely is it that you would recommend me to a ‘friend’?

The respondents can provide an answer by selecting a number between 1 and 10. Did your respondents say, Most likely (meaning 9 or 10)…you entered the ‘holy land.’ of active promoters. Congratulations!

If it’s 7 or 8, it’s passive promoters (yes I know this is a contradictio in terminis…you better just call them instead of wasting your time here). If it’s between 0-6 people will stay idle or promote somebody else, if you know what I mean. NPS is a quick and inexpensive way to track how well your initiatives delight your clients.

Something is missing, right?

What do you know so far? You know the characteristics of a potential brand ambassador. Or should we say “Prospective brand ambassador”? You know the definition and criteria of a great connector. You know how to ask and when to ask, but something is missing.

Yes, at the end it’s about receiving referrals. So the quintessential question is the referral question. But it’s not about referrals only. Bear in mind. The people who are willing to help you want something in return.

It could be attention, recognition and yes..value. It’s always about value.

I wrote a review last week for the first time on Expedia. Why? I received value. But now I am in a loop. They gave me points. So annoying, because I like points and I can save I can get more value. I think they read the book Hooked from Nir Eyal. At least I did because now I know why I am hooked. Thanks, Nir.

Always challenge your advocates with more than the ultimate question. It’s not fun and seductive when you get the same question over and over. Think of one of below questions you could also ask and can be part of a referral marketing program.

-Would you be open for a review?
-Do you have a nice quote for us?
-You visited our event last year, did you like it? Do you know —
– Somebody else in your network who could benefit?
-Please vote for us and become.
– One to write your first blog, try one for us
– How to improve customer service?
– Any ideas?
– Beta program…

And of course, you will reward them with points, badges, and more value. It’s fun and always a reason to make a call.

One more thing.

You know who has the highest chance of receiving a referral? The people that JUST ask, but you never asked, did you? Get started right now so I can ask you for a referral shortly. Enjoy the journey.

“91% of all clients are willing to give you a ‘referral.’ Only 11% of all salespeople ask for referrals.” Dale Carnegie.

P.s Want to know more about effective referral selling? Read more about video prospecting and download the ebook.